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- Music for the Spirit, Mind, and Soul. Music has been an impressionable common thread among us humans throughout all recorded time. Itís power moves us to dance, sing, pray, search, and has even led us to wars. Our minds are undoubtedly influenced by the harmony and rhythms within music, whether it be peacefully or aggressively. It can teleport us into the psyche of the creator. Music - it makes us human.

Studies have shown certain music to have positive effects on our minds and bodies.  It can help us to heal physically, reduce our stress levels, alleviate anxiety, and to dampen depression.  Some studies link the increase of cognitive thought processes, especially those of spatial-temporal reasoning (math and engineering), to the listening of complex, rhythmic music such as that of Mozart's piano concertos.  Undoubtedly, we all have felt our emotional state influenced by music.

HarmonicZen.com - We bring to you music to promote a positive mind set.  Enhanced with nature sounds and styled with various instruments, our music will hopefully set forth a pathway to an enlightened sense of being.  When listening to our music, we want you to find your Zen.

Click on Zen Videos to experience the ultimate in serenity.  Beautiful scenic images are paired with harmonious music to increase your positive aura and to elevate above the negative doldrums that life sometimes bring us.

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Interesting Fact - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, considered by many scholars as one of the most prolific and influential composers, wrote over 600 pieces in his lifetime.  Born January 27, 1956, Mozart's genius was short spanned by his early death at the age of 35.  Perhaps this brief life span leads to further amazement of his accomplishments.

Recommended Works:  Piano Concertos, Symphonies, Piano Sonatas, Serenades...

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